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Friday, July 16, 2010

In a city with so much conspicuous wealth, an estimated 6000 to 15000 individuals sleep without a roof over their heads. 23000 or more others are on the waiting list for public housing (a list that is often closed to new applicants). Meanwhile some 30000 housing units sit empty.

Each budget season, the mayor threatens to cut funding for vital housing, health, legal, and other services that help the working poor and indigent. Without these services, many who remain housed would quickly end up on the streets – or dead.

The mayor's vision for San Francisco? Million-dollar condos and "affordable housing" that most residents can't afford; schools and other publicly owned buildings laid to waste; jail bunks and early graves for those who have no place to rest but the sidewalks.

On Monday July 19th, community members will respond by undertaking a collective act of homefulness. Please join us promptly at 5:30pm as the march to the occupation site is time sensitive. This is community resourcefulness in action, don't miss it! Housing is a human right!